Ahmet Karagöz

My Bio

Wedding & Honey Moon Phographer Ahmet Karagöz has born at 1980 in Alanya. After he finished his secondary education in Alanya, he start to move forward for his photographer carrier. On short time he cached very positive line on his photographer carrier. He realized very quickly with his works and experiences in photographer society in Turkei. With the work "The Wedding"; Global sense of photography, reputed and well-known director David Bectstead, 38 photos from various countries in the work named "Water Wedding Album" He has achieved great success by being in the same square with the artist. Location in this album And his position has made him known globally. Sergey Ivanov, who is one of the most important figures of Russian Photography, signed a successful work. In addition, he participated in important events such as Jefy Vonn, David Backstad and Bob Davis in the same frame in artistic activities and symposium organized in our country in global sense. Ahmet Karagöz, a modern Romantic, has incorporated minimalistic lines into his romantic circles in his work. Surrealist Constructivist, Dadaist, vortoist, and Futurist as well as Strait Photography and New objectivist studies. Ahmet Karagöz, who says "It is the spirit that is blown to him that integrates photography with art", gave importance to the processing of the narrative style while Vanity Fairden made the signing of the launching works of Vanity Fair. Ahmet Karagöz, who carried out the High Key works together with the works of Low Key, and integrated the spirit of romance with the humanist donations and values in modern sense; Such as Gertrude Kasabier, Glarance Hudsan White, Cecil Beaton, Walter Nunberg, Marcus Adams, Sarah Moon and David Hamilton, the greatest romantic of the living age. Ahmet Karagöz, who also integrates his romantic souls with social responsibility, continues to work as a cover Photographer while continuing his work on Communication and PR with social responsibility on the other side. English, German, Russian speaking Ahmet Karagöz; Materials The romantic creation ability that we have on the above issues is the most important precedent of the romantic and modern photographic art on behalf of our country with imagination and imagination.

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