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Did You Plan Family / Wedding Party Shots ?

You might be ready for everything.I mean you set it up what necessary for finish ultimately your ceremony as you planned.

But we are talking about your wedding photos which will be a time stamp for your entire life .So , lets say you hire a photographer or you will get photos yourself. (include visitors shooting)


But, did you manage photo line ? I mean did you typed down what kind of photos you will take , and / or who will be together,who will be next to you etc.etc... It is look very simple and not importing to you but we quarented to you it will create a big issue.For example you may skip someone to include photo frame,or someone can jump your photo line which you dont like him/her...Or you will blamed entire life for forgetting someone to not include wedding photos..


Because of that we set it up wedding photo planing line listed below. In Turkey / Alanya ; Ahmet Karagöz Wedding photography Studio , Mr. Ahmet and his pro team will support you for your wedding and will framed you while you smiling happly at your wedding ceremony.


For more information please do not hesitate to join us on our office.


Family / Wedding Party Shots:



Bride with each Bridesmaid

Bride with all Bridesmaids

Bride with Mother

Bride with Mother and Father

Bride with Father


Groom with each Groomsman

Groom with all Groomsmen

Groom with Mother

Groom with Mother and Father

Groom with Father

Bride & Groom with the Bride’s parents

Bride & Groom with the Bride’s parents and siblings

Bride & Groom with the Bride’s parents, siblings, and extended family

Bride & Groom with the Groom’s parents

Bride & Groom with the Groom’s parents and siblings

Bride & Groom with the Groom’s parents, siblings, and extended family

Wedding Party Photos

Bride and Groom Photos

Detail Shots


A Shot of the Bouquet and Boutonniere

A Shot of the Rings

A Shot of the Bride’s Gown and Shoes

A Shot of the Ceremony Before the Wedding

A Shot of the Reception Before Guests Enter

A Shot of the Cake

A Shot of the Getaway Car


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