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Do not make any mistake while planing your ceremony

As we know this is horrible header but we wanted to warn you for a importent decision during your happy day...

Since you start to know yourself always plaining a very important big big day for your entire life.It takes very very long year and it was very hard fo you to find your dearest person in your life . 

Your friends,your chance , even maybe your family worked out very hard to find a right person for you.

After very very long talking , planing , wondering you decide to get marry.But , like everybody , even yourself no-one planing a simple wedding ceremony.Because you just going to marry ONLY one time in your life...

Years will pass,even maybe your love will die but people and your children's will keep going on talking about your love and lovest wedding ceremony.

 But as you notice , your are not only one Who planing un-forgetable wedding ceremony.So what you can do better than others to separate your ceremony from others and make it wonderfull-unforgetable ?

 For sure there is many many way to try and make it.Some of them could be crazy ceremony like air-diving by an air plane from blue sky,Or, Attend your ceremony at Hogwarts Castle or Buckingham Palace etc..

It could be but how it easy and cheap , there question mark...

But we do have a great idea and easy for everyone.We will suggest to you a professional wedding photography shooting.I know it sound like its easy way and whats different then other ceremonies ?

In Tukey / Alanya , as Ahmet Karagöz Wedding & Honey Moon photography Company we will pleasured you.Because Mr. Ahmet Karagöz has worked all over the world and holding many registered certifications,cups,etc... So he is one of famous wedding photographer.

We suggest you wedding photographer because time and life can die but pictures never die...

You can shout your mouth but smiling and in deep eye you can't cover anythink.Pictures will spread out your happiness on photos.

After 50 years later of your wedding ceremony you may forget small details and maybe you will not have anymore pleasure to explain or share your happiness to your children(s),grandchildren(s),and others...But your ceremony photos will explain everything to time,you dont have to speak people as how you were beautiful when you was younger but pictures will explain and show everything.

But out-of everything you can have a small mistake to not caring wedding photographer.It dosent look a big problem ,but ,how could you explain people's and your children's that your wedding photographer wasnt professional ! Or how you can say people your ceremony was number #1 . Like this small things will bother you on your entire life.Plus , you can catch many small details on photos which your are not able to see everything on your ceremony because your are drunk all ready from love.

There is many many things to say how wedding ceremony photographer and photos to you but we would like to share all our experiences while drinking our coffee with you in our office.

So please come and join us anytime you wish...