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Is it time to get ready for a impressive wedding ceremony ? For sure you are all ready for it. But , What about preparations ? Have you set all preparations all ready ? What about ceremony photographer ?

I think most importing and most impressive think in the world " WEDDING CEREMONY"... Who can  say NO to join to any wedding ceremony , or , Which lady can stay away getting ready to a wedding ceremony ! Of course no-one...

I think all girls are starting to dream, to their wedding ceremony when they are over 10 years old...Who can not dream a white bridge dress , who can not dream a big big even bigger wedding cake,drinks,flowers etc.etc...

 Someone dreaming to get marry at rural areas, someone dreaming in a ball-room , maybe by beach or riverside or/and etc.etc...Someone is dreaming crowded ceremony,someone is restful and quite celebration.Some ladies are dreaming white bridge dress even whiter then milk , someone is dreaming colourfull dress...

 But ; everybody really really care wedding photos.Because their children's can not attend their ceremony but they can see and share their parents happiness.

 Of course wedding ceremony is only a few hours but pictures are forever.But love-bug bridge & groom can not focus taking shoot during photos.Out of focusing taking photos quality,effects,pixelize,atmospheres and other values are importing also.

 So at this point you guys need to leave your most-importing duties to a professional team.In Antalya : Ahmet Karagöz Private Wedding & Honey Moon Photographer agency will share experience of years and years with you.

 So please come through to our office to have a Turkish Tea with us and lets plan your special day.We care your special day almost as you care.

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